Fat Hakaan


Hakaan-al-Khareen Zmirr Nill Mo Chatooor

This gnoll merchant lives on the Street of Ten Thousand Fools in the house with the red door painted with camels jumping the sun. He’s not especially wealthy but he likes to play the part. In truth his carpets are not so fine, his camels are sickly and weak and his slaves are mostly disobedient kobolds.

Fat Hakaan never stops eating, and takes great pains to prevent any food stains from marring his brightly colored long tunics.


Hakaan resents his cousin Sultan Chatoor but for some reason he always does what he asks of him.

Mistress Henna Mjelidi rejected Hakaan’s marriage proposal.

Hakaan is supplying camels for the archaeological expeditions of Golden Falcon Antiquities.

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Fat Hakaan

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