"Princess" Karima Gamila


Here is a curiosity, and a pleasant one; there’s something alluringly feral about this female gnoll. She’s tall and slim, and has none of the hunched posture typical of gnolls but carries herself with grace and elegance. A long, purple cloak covers her slender limbs, and a yellow headscarf frames a face that is clearly canine and yet exotically beautiful. She has long, dark eyebrows, bright, flashing eyes, and smooth, lustrous fur. Her voice is nothing like the barking of gnolls; it’s musical, deep and sonorous and yet undeniably feminine.


Karima seeks fame and fortune in Per-Bastet.

She has dozens of admirers, Gnoll and otherwise, who would risk their necks to get her attention.

Karima has enlisted her learned friend the Scholar Zubayr to research the location of the Grimalkin Idol.

Karima rejected a marriage proposal from Sultan, and is despised by him as much as Mistress Henna is despised by her would-be-suitor, his cousin Fat Hakaan.

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"Princess" Karima Gamila

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